Cholesterol indulgent chips and polenta crusted chicken

As I went to my local butcher I picked up some Italian summer olives, just amazing, plump and so flavoursome. We ate them with cheese and then added them to the roast vegetables and it was just lovely.

Triple cooked chips vs. Chips cooked in beef dripping at Hawksmore

The week was quite full on but I managed a just wonderfully indulgent dinner at Hawksmore, Seven Dials, just amazing! We had crab on toast, one side had all the white meat and one had all the brown, on chunky toasted bread, delivering masses of flavour and a wonderful mix of textures.

For mains we shared a rib eye steak and found on the menu triple cooked chips and chips cooked in beef drippings, just amazing! We had to have one of each and I have to say I still can’t make my mind up what way of cooking them was the best, might just have to go back and try them again! For good measure we had a tomato and onion salad on the side.

A shared favourite restaurant

I did manage to cook some nice foods as well. A friend came to visit for the weekend and we both adore food so a perfect cooking partner! The only things is that our style of cooking is so different! I love to slow cook, pre plan and take the time to cook and she likes everything that is fast to cook. The perfect compromise is to go out and eat! We had a lovely lunch at Cammasan in Kingston, possibly the best Chinese restaurant in London! Our joint favourite is the chicken in lemon sauce, so wonderfully lemony it is amazing! Spicy aubergine and garlic and ginger pak choy. A perfect lunch and best shared of course with a friend!

Roast, roast, roast

It is still warm out but there is a chill in the air in the mornings and summer is over for sure. It is time for more hearty foods, roast veg/meat/chicken, warming and comforting still easy to cook and quite low fat!
Today I cooked a proper Sunday lunch, roast vegetables (potatoes, cherry tomatoes, summer olives, lemon and butternut squash) and chicken, I did it all in a big dish and served it with creamed savoy cabbage with Serrano ham, taziki and crumbled feta cheese to sprinkle on top. I served prawns for started and toasted sour dough bread.
I even did a dessert, a strawberry pavlova, cheated and bought the meringues but it was still nice!

Everything goes well with Mac & Cheese

One night this week I had the urge to cook but not much time, so opted for a polenta crusted fillet of chicken and served it with mac & cheese made with stilton cheese. The crispy polenta was perfect with the smooth mac & cheese. I was too lazy to make a salad so put some vegetables on the griddle and served on the side.


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