Ten minute pasta and walking with wolves

When I come home from work late I want to eat as soon as possible. I did have a look around and decided to cook from the cupboard and fridge. I had macaroni that boil in three minutes, I added them to boiling water together with some frozen peas, de seeded and peeled a tomato … Continue reading

The Rythm of Rum

Not knowing a lot about the Caribbean we left a London that was getting colder and darker. Destination St Lucia we landed in the afternoon and it is hot, sunny, and humid. The vegetation is so lush it is easy to think that if no one was there to stand ground for humans everything will … Continue reading

Foraging for chicken stuffing and the S&M of the ice-cream world

Long overdue, so much has happened lately, but more importantly there has been a great mix of foods. Lunch on the run something is supremely unhealthy and is just a true filler, I bought a pasty with a chicken filling whilst waiting for the train. Once on the platform of course the train is never … Continue reading

Vegetarian weeknight comfort curry

On the way home from work I had a craving for comfort food. Not in the mood to go shopping I decided to cook from fridge and pantry. After some roaming around I decided to do a vegetable curry. I found butternut squash and onion from the allotment and used this as a base. I … Continue reading

The hottest October day ever, a great game and a foodie week

This week has been just amazing, like summer finally arrived with 28C and sunshine every day. Better late than never and am sure autumn is just around the corner. A friend called me as a surprise as she was in town for business. We had dinner at Watasumi, it was great as always and I … Continue reading