The hottest October day ever, a great game and a foodie week

This week has been just amazing, like summer finally arrived with 28C and sunshine every day. Better late than never and am sure autumn is just around the corner.
A friend called me as a surprise as she was in town for business. We had dinner at Watasumi, it was great as always and I had one of the best sashimi plates I ever had, salmon, tuna, baby prawns and yellow tail, bathed in a lovely dressing that just highlighted all the gorgeous flavours and textures.

Another night this week I went to Pollen Street Social for the first time. Very booked up so went there at 6 PM already but it was well worth it.
For starter I had Escabeche of quail, chicken liver cream, nuts & seeds, perfectly cooked quail, silky smooth chicken liver cream and crunchy nuts.
For mains I had Roasted Dingley Dell pork belly & loin, apple, curly kale, mulled brambles, cob nut paste. I love pork belly and could not resist. It was perfectly cooked, wonderfully rich. The crackling was light as a feather, perhaps my pallet would have wanted a hint of salt but of course delicious. The meat was meltingly soft and the apple crunchy and really created the balance in the dish.
If you go to a restaurant like Pollen Street Social it is a sin not to have dessert. I opted for “Ham, cheese & herbs”
Watermelon, candied goat’s curd, basil sorbet. It was a very interesting mix, the basil sorbet really refreshing. My dinner partner had opted for the “Tiramisu” and hot chocolate coffee and I have to say it was a better choice and I had just a bit of food envy!
A meal like that simply had to be ended with cheese, it was a wonderful selection but the most amazing thing was the piccalilli, it was so flavoursome and still so light it was like a cloud. Perhaps I could try and make it but I know I have a very long way to go!
All this was washed down with one of Austria’s best kept secret, a Pinot Noir Reserve, Anton Bauer, Donauland, rich but not heavy and perfect with all the food and the last drop went very well down with the cheese!
Going home I was so round and happy it wasn’t even worth trying to pretend I did not have a full on looking, all worth it, pot belly!

After that dinner I feel I need a week on a strict diet, but as I am not too keen on diets it hasn’t happened and I ended the working week happily eating a curry!

Rugby is a great game, going to a match is great fun but somehow the food is always total crap, I am not sure how it is possible to totally fail making even a deep fried chicken breast taste ok! I had a somewhat ok roast pork bun today but most food at the grounds, at the Stoop or at Twickenham is quite uninspired. I would have loved some hot sauce and/or garlic sauce, it would have made a massive difference straight away.

On the other hand it is all about the Rugby and what a game it was! October first, the hottest day recorded in October in the UK ever and a nice win for the mighty Quins

To have something to be different from the food at the grounds I decided to make a seafood platter with mussels, crab and langoustines. Served with garlic and herb mayo to dip in and cheese and freshly baked bread on the side.

Tomorrow I am making more apple jelly and hot sauce. I am also very excited to meet my friends little new born for the first time! Perhaps the next fan of my cooking?  Sure can’t wait to have him over for dinner, it will be my first try of baby food!

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