Foraging for chicken stuffing and the S&M of the ice-cream world

Long overdue, so much has happened lately, but more importantly there has been a great mix of foods. Lunch on the run something is supremely unhealthy and is just a true filler, I bought a pasty with a chicken filling whilst waiting for the train. Once on the platform of course the train is never far away. The pasty went in to the heating oven, I was jumping up and down, got it with about 3 seconds to spare. Super hungry I took a bite and realised it was completely deep frozen inside. I guess this is why it came out of the oven so late! Nothing to do it had to go in the bin and was not even replaced.

I have also had some stunning food. We had a dinner with lovely friends Lisa and Jon. Starters were gambas pil pil with home grown garlic, I did comfit of chicken wings, de boned, pan friend to crisp them up and served with a hot and sour dressing and crunchy veg.

After that we had fondue, tender sirloin beef, stuffed and breaded mushrooms and different sauces! It is deceptive to eat such small amounts, and together with a fresh salad as it suddenly hit us all that we had most likely eaten hmm, a bit too much! Filling up the wine glasses we headed outdoors for a fire and to digest the food.

Wise from before we didn’t even think of dessert but I had made my first ever Florentines! I had replaced the nuts with toasted sesame seeds and popcorn and flavoured them with ginger and orange. I think we all managed a few of those and one chocolate truffle but after that there was no room for anything but wine!

Previous week I found myself walking past the Apple store in Convent Garden. I was busy texting and didn’t realise I was in the middle of young and good looking Apple dressed people in plenty being filmed and the buzz… well it was the launch of the iPhone 4s (I found this out after having checked my twitter!). This was also later confirmed by my friend. We didn’t hang around but went to Abeno Too,, a brilliant place for Japanese omelettes, Okonomiyaki They cook them at the table and it is fascinating to watch The Seven Stages of Okonomi-yaki Enlightenment. After the dinner we decided to head to the S&M of the ice cream world, Icecreamista in Convent Garden. Dark interiors and S&M gear it is all indulgent and a sin not to have at least 2 large scopes!

The weekend has been just gorgeous. Saturday afternoon was spent at the Stoop, warm sunshine, cool beer and a brilliant win for the Quins! After the game I made a Thai green curry, I had bought lamb at the butchers they had new season lamb cutlets. I slow cooked the cutlets in the oven, did the paste for the Thai green curry mixing basil, lime, lemon grass, kafir lime leaves, spring onions, garlic and chillies.
Once the lamb cutlets had rested I cut off the fat and cut them up for the curry. I added coconut milk to the curry paste and added veg and the lamb. The curry was served with rice, I did have pearl barley in mind but it seems that it had expired (Jan 2010!) and been left on the shelf, either way it was delicious.

The weather lately has been unusually warm. There is a chill in the mornings and evenings but during the day it is just lovely. All the late sunshine made the allotment come back to life, I see strawberries, juicy blackberries, the marrow plant is blooming again and there are baby butternut squashes just wanting for more summer! Last year I missed the chillies, I left them one day too long and they all died in the frost. This year I didn’t quite have that problem as there was only 1 chilli, but rescued!

Maybe the last of foraging of the year, the chestnuts, they were falling of the tree and just loads to be picked!

I did a Sunday roast chicken and did a stuffing from roast chestnuts, rice, sage, orange and garlic. It worked a treat and I served it with roast butternut squash, apple taziki and steamed marrow, a perfect Sunday dinner.


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