Beautiful Kent

Friday night and not completely unexpected on way to visit friends for the weekend there was an accident on the M20. Sadly it was a fatal accident and it made me even more grateful when we safley pulled up to the drive in deepest Kent. The wine flowed and after a very nice dinner with … Continue reading


Toad in the hole and steak of venison

After a bit of a week feeling like I was followed around by a cold, too much to do to lay down and give in but a bit of a struggle and the pace was not quite what it normally is. Friday night we were invited to friends for dinner, I had no idea what … Continue reading

Last supper with fantastic fireworks

Our friends Lisa and Jon are leaving us for sunny Australia. A great opportunity came up and they are soon off to the Australian summer and a brand new life! Who can blame them just as it is getting colder and greyer by the day in London? There will be a whole new cuisine to … Continue reading

Salmon and caramelized veg with cauliflower and some lush blush!

Friday night and I had an urge for fish. After a week of slightly heavy foods, a meatloaf, sausages, roast chicken it was time fo9r some fish. I decided that Friday night would be a double whammy, seared squid with chorizo and crisp lettuce as a starter, with only a squeeze of lemon as added … Continue reading