Salmon and caramelized veg with cauliflower and some lush blush!

Friday night and I had an urge for fish. After a week of slightly heavy foods, a meatloaf, sausages, roast chicken it was time fo9r some fish. I decided that Friday night would be a double whammy, seared squid with chorizo and crisp lettuce as a starter, with only a squeeze of lemon as added flavour.

I had bought a fillet of salmon for mains and after having a look around my kitchen I decided to chop some tomato, shallot onion and garlic. I salted and peppered the salmon and placed in a hot pan with melted butter and oil and seared on both sides.
I added the chopped veg and put in the oven. The veg caramelized beautifully and all the flavours blended in the pan.

Meanwhile that was cooking I briefly boiled some cauliflower florets and left them in the hot water to continue cooking until perfectly al dente. I placed the florets on a plate, drizzled over some of that gorgeous olive oil some friends gave us, having picked the olives themselves in sunny Italy and taken them straight to the local press. A light dusting of smoked paprika and a pinch of flaky sea salt and it was ready to eat.

We ate it with some guacamole and it was light and perfect for a Friday night washed down with plenty of Pinot Blush!

Happy Weekend! 🙂

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