Beautiful Kent

Friday night and not completely unexpected on way to visit friends for the weekend there was an accident on the M20. Sadly it was a fatal accident and it made me even more grateful when we safley pulled up to the drive in deepest Kent.

The wine flowed and after a very nice dinner with seabass and veg we had a lovely night catching up and having a few more drinks.
I went to bed and slept like a baby, slightly wine induced perhaps but it was so completely quiet and dark, the good life indeed involves a good night’s sleep!

In the morning the lovely host made a full English breakfast for brunch after a lazy morning, so perfect and set us up for a day of exploring the landscape of Kent. The morning was glorious and the view of the fruit orchard lovely .

First we went to a small market selling all kinds of goods, I bought some Christmas decorations and feel now a tiny step closer to Christmas, it is of course not up yet but it will be.
After the market we had a pit stop in a lovely country pub for a pint of perfectly chilled Doombar ale. After that we were ready for the sea and went to Hythe, part picturesque and part really boring looking but with a wonderful beach all the way to Folkestone with the nuclear plant Dungeness in the misty horizon.

A brisk walk later we went to have a look at the very pretty town of Canterbury where it is not only the cathedral that is beautiful. It is the most lovely city and we really enjoyed walking around. I found a very large cook shop where I got some new little things for more cooking, another thermometer, heart shaped bowls for starters and a tin for rösti. There were of course other shops as well and in preparation of the cold weather (a weather man on TV was talking about the cold winter coming) I also found a useful and warm hat!

In the evening we braved the thick fog on small country lanes to get to the Lydden Bell pub where we had a great Saturday dinner. We kicked off with more local ale and starters. Ham Hoc terrine, Scallops and spring roll filled with langoustines and crab. This was followed by Moule Mariniere with garlic mash (a gorgeous combo), delicate lamb cutlets and confit of duck, served with veg.

After starters and main course there was no room for anything but some cheese and a more wine. I did very briefly consider the sticky toffee pudding, one of my favourites and would have ordered it if I for a second believed I could have eaten even just half of it!

The next morning we had a lazy lie in and some toast and coffee for breakfast. Needless to say I felt so welcome and had a great time with a great host and hostess! I felt so at home that when I found that one of the loos were missing a hand towel I found one and hung it up, much to my hosts amusement I had found a washable (but clean) diaper instead of a towel! It is not always easy finding your way around other people’s houses but we all had a good laugh! I also have to mention that they have a wonderfully proud and cuddly kitty cat that loved to be petted. I did try many times to capture it on camera and came to the conclusion that it is adorable but not photogenic!

I had promised to cook Sunday lunch and started straight after the toast. The starter was beetroot soup.

After that I had cooked slow roast pork loin, spiced with toasted Szechuan pepper and flaky sea salt, plum sauce, crackling, roast baby new potatoes and a crispy salad. It all went down very well and there was not an ounce of food left over. We had some mini Gu cheese cakes for dessert, perfect in size and with fresh berries.

After that it was sadly time to head home, fog still thick in places but now home and wonder if I will ever actually be hungry again and also how many pounds did I gain this weekend? I feel an urge for a healthy lunch tomorrow but I would do it all over again!

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