Post Christmas lightness

After an indulgent Christmas and with an indulgent New Year’s Eve dinner coming up I felt the urge for healthy foods. I went off to the supermarket and came back with soy based yoghurt, Kellogg’s Special K, lots of vegetables and fruit, fish, hummus, lovely fresh cranberries, dark bread and stocking up on quinoa and … Continue reading


Christmas two ways, two days

It didn’t start well, on my way for some last minute shopping it was pouring down with rain and too windy to even try and use an umbrella! I felt half drenched and not Christmas spirited when I reached the stores but much to my amazement it was almost empty and actually a lovely experience! … Continue reading

Steak dinner

Wednesday: This week was just so exciting! I found a supplier of Molecular gastronomy kits! I could not wait for Santa to come but ordered one pronto! It looks amazing and I can’t wait to get started. I really feel I should get one of those white lab coats and maybe some protective glasses as … Continue reading

Gearing up for Christmas and meeting a lovely little budding chef

With Christmas around the corner life simply seems to get more and more stressful, and in the middle it is time to start to enjoy Christmas and feel the spirit. I have started the Christmas preparations, wrapped presents, ordered a ham and a turkey at the local butcher and watched Christmas movies to get in … Continue reading

Inspiered to be “Goin’ Back To My Roots” and haut cuisine

The other day I heard the old Odyssey song Goin “Back To My Roots”, I haven’t heard it in ages and all of the sudden it inspired me to going back to my roots with cooking. This means back to Sweden and what I first cooked, Swedish comfort food. This time I felt like making … Continue reading