Pot au meatballs

As a short PS to yesterday’s blog my Pot au Feu today became Pot au Meatballs. I gently blended the vegetables and stock from the Pot au Feu and placed I a pan with the leftover meatballs and made it in to a Pot au Meatball! Next time I will make even more stock, it … Continue reading

Sunday lunch Pot au Feu

It was a very cold and grey January Sunday, the promised Siberian winds seem to have arrived and it finally feels a bit like winter. A little bit like a contradiction is that today I saw the first crocus of the year when out walking with friends. Yesterday I went to the butchers, http://www.robsonsbutchers.com to … Continue reading

Meatball sub, pancakes and steamed chicken

Having sushi for lunch is great, lean, energising and fresh but I do tend to get very hungry after a while. I need to find a healthy and satisfying snack for the afternoon. I read somewhere that someone (on a diet) ate 6 raisins when they felt they needed a snack. I bought a big … Continue reading

Not a haggis in sight in Scotland!

I went to Scotland on business, not a long trip but arrived in the evening of January 25th, the official Burns night. I expected the hotel (that has an ok restaurant) to at least have something with haggis, quite a versatile product, but I also read in a Scottish Daily newspaper that the English eat … Continue reading

Peparing for the Year of the Dragon and celebrating Burns

Yesterday we went to a friend’s house to celebrate the Scottish poet Robert Burns. For starter we were treated to cock a leekie soup. Very light and lovely. This was followed by haggis with neeps and tatties (translated to English that is mash potato with mash swede) with our host reading a Robert Burns poem … Continue reading

Veg loaded sloppy Joe

January is going past so fast! I haven’t managed to stick to all foods healthy but I am making an effort to choose as much fresh and lower in fat foods available and will continue throughout the year. When I am short of time I love to make Sloppy Joe, it is lovely comfort food … Continue reading

The smokin gun and Seville organges at last!

I had an idea that I had a weekend “off” ahead of me, with very few plans. This was until I got to the veg mongers on the way home and saw a glorious, large box of Seville oranges and realised it is marmalade time. I have waited the last few weeks and had to … Continue reading

Amazing food memories 2011

I got the question the other day what my favourite restaurant is and I couldn’t answer. I did think for a long time and I think the response is “it depends on what I want to eat”. London and the UK is such a great place for the most gorgeous food from all corners of … Continue reading

Curry Chicken with pearl barley

A classic from my childhood is chicken with curry sauce and rice. I did a new take on this dish, as it is a Monday night I bought a rotisserie chicken and stripped the meat off the bones. I did pearl barley instead of rice, very nutritious and full of goodness. I added some chicken … Continue reading

Joe smoked cheese soufflé and venison

Sometimes the biggest luxury in life is time. This is why I took a day off, with no plans or ideas of what to do. I slept in, watched a movie, made some hot sauce and in general pottered around the house. Bliss. A long time ago I mentioned to a friend that I wanted … Continue reading