January style Bangers&Mash

With January here and reading my fitness magazine I wonder what to eat for dinner that is lighter, but still worthy of the first bank holiday of the year.

With most shops closed I headed to a farm shop with their own butcher for some dinner. I had a vague idea what to get but once there it had to be bangers & mash! I got different sausages, wild boar and apple, pork and herbs and pork and leek.
I got some king Edward potatoes, the king of potatoes I think, for some mash to go with it and then some apples and figs for a pickle on the side.

On the way home I stopped at the allotment to pick a lovely cabbage, some kale, a sprig of rosemary and to pick up a bunch of onions, keeping very well in the shed! It is so lovely to be able to get food from the allotment all year around!

I started by making the pickle with the apple and figs, adding a little bit of spice and to give it little time to cool and settle.
Once that was out of the way I started on the onion gravy base, I had a little red wine left over and wanted to use this. I pan fried onion, carrot and celery, added spices, the red wine, some water and let it reduce by half. I sliced 2 onions and once the gravy base reduced I put it through a sieve to get rid of the stock base, pan friend the onion until slightly browned in a little oil and added the stock. I put this aside for the flavours to marry whilst placing the sausages in the oven to cook with the rosemary sprig to infuse them with the herb, peeled the potatoes and rinsed the kale.

Once the sausages started to get ready, I took the potatoes and kale off the heat. I had boiled them in stock and saved some of this for the mash, adding only a spoonful of half fat creme fraiche and a small knob of butter to get that creamy texture for the mash.
The cabbage was only wilted in the wok with a little sesame oil, chopped black garlic and the lemon juice of half lemon.

Bangers and mash, January style, lower in fat and with all the flavour!

3 Responses to “January style Bangers&Mash”
  1. That looks like good comfort food.

  2. Holli Tipps says:

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