Quick n’ easy prawn fajitas

The first week of the year is coming to an end. What I thought would be a very quiet time was actually quite busy! It is amazing how fast old habits come back and again I found myself working away past the lunch hour and then rushing out to get something quick and easy, normally noodle soup or sushi as this is one of the closest places for getting lunch as well as the most healthy. It fills me up very fast but by the time I am heading home I am starving.

It was the same today, hungry and ready for a quick dinner I had to go shopping, after some browsing I decided to go for a fast option, prawn fajitas. Lots of veg and hmm a lot of grated cheese but cooked in a non-stick pan with only a splash of water as an addition, it was still pretty healthy.

I made the guacamole, I looked at ready-made ones in the shop but they had ripe and ready avocados. The guacamole is quick and easy to make, I always add some hot sauce for some extra spice.

Dinner was ready in about 15 minutes and hit the spot, feet up and a little time to chill out.

One Response to “Quick n’ easy prawn fajitas”
  1. I like the efforts you have put in this, regards for all the great posts.

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