Crab, Sebass, vanilla and oh! that cocolate cake

January can be such a lovely month, despite my quest for healthier foods I am not cutting down on anything, I am just trying to alter it slightly and make it a little bit healthier.

Yesterday I made meatballs, they are best pan fried in butter and oil, then finished off left to simmer for a little bit in the sauce. These I cooked in the oven without any additional fat and I made the gravy without any addition of fat but a table spoon of oil. I then served it with low fat but wonderfully fluffy mash with homemade cranberry sauce, I think I will do it the same way next time!

For Sunday lunch I decided to tweak the menu and well, change it from my last thoughts but I wanted it to be seafood. This time I opted for two favourites, crab and sea bass.

We started with crab, white meat only mixed with herbs and spices, served with a clove of black garlic and toast.

For main course I served fillet of wild sea bass with a vanilla beurre blanc,boiled potatoes, I pickled enoki mushrooms and made a spicy, crunchy salad made from allotment cabbage as a base.

I did make an exception to my non baking philosophy and made a very chocolaty, fudgy cake, it has no flour and is wonderfully light. To go with it I made a strawberry caramel sauce and served with some vanilla whipped cream.

All the cream I used was low fat and I served the main course with more veg than I would normally do and it really worked. I would not call it low fat but it was lovely and on the healthier road forward!


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