The French classic, Coq au Vin – lighter

There is something about the French classics that just seem to fit so well when it is a little darker and a little colder outside. Like high end comfort food.

Today I made Coq au vin, truly classic, I used a pinot noir for the base and it was perhaps a little on the light side but still ok! I reduced the sauce before serving to intensify the flavours and to thicken it ever so slightly.

In order to make it fit with my January resolution of lighter foods I used less bacon and in addition to the bacon fat, a splash of rapeseed and olive oil to get everything nice and browned. The recipe said to use 80 grams of butter but I simply excluded this. The dish would most likely have been a bit smoother if I had used it but instead I feel a little lighter afterwards. I also added some more veg, selleri and for additional mushroom flavour a few shitake mushrooms together with the button mushrooms. It added another layer of flavour and the shitake mushrooms added a nice earthiness.

For a dish like this it is necessary to have something to mop up all the sauce and I bought a lovely seeded loaf and am serving the dish with plain boiled potatoes, perfect for mashing with the sauce and just enjoy!

The flavours will get even better for standing a couple of days in the fridge so perfect to cook dinner for two nights in one, bigger batch.

I used so little oil maybe I need chocolate for dessert!

2 Responses to “The French classic, Coq au Vin – lighter”
  1. Sus says:

    Was inspired and cooked it too and it tasted great. So nice to eat something that for once did not contain tomato-flavor, basil or curry. 🙂 Yeah, getting tired of my selection of standard recipes…!

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