Joe smoked cheese soufflé and venison

Sometimes the biggest luxury in life is time. This is why I took a day off, with no plans or ideas of what to do. I slept in, watched a movie, made some hot sauce and in general pottered around the house. Bliss.

A long time ago I mentioned to a friend that I wanted to build a smoker and smoke my own food. Her man, Joe, loves to cook outdoors, we have spoken about it from time to time of course he smokes his own food!

I met Joe for the first time this week and he gave me some food. I was so excited and it was the most amazing three packages, two with smoked cheese, a milder and a slightly stronger cheese and some smoked mackerel. In exchange I gave him some hot sauce and pineapple chutney. I was out the following night but on my day off I decided to taste the cheeses first. It was one of those moments when I had a wow! inspired feeling. They are just amazing and a big food empire should be built around them! At first you get the softness of the cheese and then the smoke infused flavour that goes with it so perfectly. I closed my eyes and could almost feel the fresh air around me, smell the fire and it was amazing.
I know I will never again even be bothered to try and buy smoked cheese from any cheese monger!
I made a pate from the mackerel and ate it on slightly toasted bread, served with a sprinkle of peppers for texture and added freshness, so good!

I decided to use all this amazing smoked cheese and cook a starter for the Sunday lunch and served it with a mix of green, orange and red pepper. It was my first ever soufflé! It did rise beautifully but sadly I got so excited by the time I got my camera out it had sunk already, the flavour was wonderful!

After this I cooked venison. I sealed the meat in a hot pan and finished it off in the oven and served it with roast potatoes and a warm salad. The original recipe called for fillet of beef but I exchanged it for haunch of venison, a meat that is a lot leaner and it has a lot more taste.

I served it with roast new potatoes, a salad, pickle apples and red wine and coca cola gravy, a proper Sunday lunch.

I did have a long think about dessert, I was thinking about making chocolate fondants, making an apple crumble, a cheesecake and well, after much thinking and when buying my bread at the bakers I saw a lemon drizzle cake! I am not much of a cake person and I almost never bake but I love a good lemon, or orange, drizzle cake. I did try to make one myself a long time ago, the lemon didn’t want to drizzle properly down in to the cake, I even took out my baster injector to inject the cake and it was still dry! And also the cake from the local baker is lovely!
I got the cake and to go with it I made lemon curd and mixed it with crème fraiche, very tangy and fresh!


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