Amazing food memories 2011

I got the question the other day what my favourite restaurant is and I couldn’t answer. I did think for a long time and I think the response is “it depends on what I want to eat”. London and the UK is such a great place for the most gorgeous food from all corners of the world! We are truly spoilt for choice.

Instead of choosing one restaurant I picked some of my favourite dishes I had in 2011 that I would be very happy to eat at, pretty much any given time! In no particular order:

The lemon chicken and the spicy aubergine from Cammasan in Kingston. This is probably one of the top three Chinese restaurants in London. The lemon sauce has a wonderful balance of the tangy lemon and sweetness. The spicy aubergine makes me fall in love with aubergine again every time!

Deconstructed Tiramisu from Pollen Street Social – if you are having a dessert, this is what it should be like!

Suckling pig from Barafina, it is a sin to leave even the smallest morsel on the plate.

Watasumi crispy calamari – Innovative and inspired Japanese cooking

Baked Eggs with Spinach, Cream & Cheeses from the Giaconda Dining Room, one of London’s hidden gems!

Triple cooked chips from Hawksmore, Seven Dials. The chips has a wonderful crispness when you bite in to them. Inside is full of fluffy, wonderful potato, I am not sure if it can get any better than this! Their crab on toast is also worth a mention, you will find it under starters but it is almost like a light meal, so good you can’t stop eating.

Tagliatelle with truffle and courgette from Olivomare, it was bang on season for Italian truffle. The pasta was light and the courgette offered additional texture being cooked just al dente and luxurious truffle mixed in through the dish. It was a special of the day and I have not seen it on the menu before or after.

The Singapore Crab and Mussel soup at Bentleys Bar and Grill on Swallow street, a soup with flavours married in such a delicate way it makes you just happy.

The freshly baked bread at Noura Central near Piccadilly, they bake bread throughout the evening, the smell and the wonderful bread just keeps coming and it is a perfect complement to all the wonderful Lebanese foods.

Young chicken with lemon and garlic eaten with Gratin Dauphinois from Les Deux Salons in Convent Garden. So yummy you just want to find the chef and give him a big hug of gratitude.

Last but not least just about everything from restaurant Martin Wishart in Edinburgh, no matter what you order I can’t see how you could ever go wrong, magic comes out of that kitchen.

These are the places I went to and the foods that really made an impression but there is so much more to eat. London is full of the best restaurants and I can’t see how you can ever be bored and so many new places to try and favourites to visit again and again during 2012!

8 Responses to “Amazing food memories 2011”
  1. kdonkey says:

    I love the idea of this list, as so often one dish shines more than the whole meal. I agree about Giaconda Dining Room, so much so I’ve booked to go again on Friday

    • petra08 says:

      I am going Thursday! 🙂 for sure will be back many times!

      • kdonkey says:

        I was going to say I’m jealous but as I’m going Friday I don’t suppose I can’t be really. I remember the first time I went I had Tripe for the first time ever and now a convert. I’m hoping they have the dish again, which was tripe and chorizo (one of my favourites) in a rich tomato sauce…..fingers crossed. Have a good time on Thursday

  2. petra08 says:

    glad you had another great meal! Yes Giaconda is worth going back to for sure.

  3. kdonkey says:

    How was your meal, hope it was as good as mine. I was talking to my friends, who went on Friday, and agreed the crab bisque was the highlight of the meal

  4. petra08 says:

    Hmm no one had the crab bisque, I had the muschrrom (with yes, lots of garlic) and the seabass and lentils. No room for dessert but I had a candied grape fruit peel and that was great, after that I didn’t even need a dinner!

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