The smokin gun and Seville organges at last!

I had an idea that I had a weekend “off” ahead of me, with very few plans. This was until I got to the veg mongers on the way home and saw a glorious, large box of Seville oranges and realised it is marmalade time.
I have waited the last few weeks and had to buy as many as I could carry home keeping in mind the visit to the butcher and the bakery as well! I will start tonight and can’t wait. Seville orange marmalade is my favourite, that bitter note is so delicious.

For dinner I wanted something quick and easy, I had quite a lot of left-overs from the week and wanted to cook something nice and quick for Friday night. I had cooked chicken, two Toulouse sausages, a piece of Comté cheese, milk and a little cream. I made a white sauce with cream, milk and chicken stock, thickened the sauce with arrowroot to avoid making a buttered roux.
I cooked the sausages and cut up the chicken.
Last minute I boiled pasta and heated up the white sauce. I added a table spoon of light cream cheese, the grated comté cheese, stirred until dissolved and finally a few drops of white truffle oil.
I added the chicken and cut up sausages to the sauce, some frozen peas and let it gently warm through and served it with the pasta, quick, easy and a very economic dish with lots of taste.

After dinner and before making the marmalade the smoking gun came out for the very first time!

It is very exciting and I had an idea to smoke chillies as a first experiment. I got some gorgeous chillies and wanted to infuse them with smoke. I will string them up and dry them and wonder if any of the smoky flavour will remain when they are dried, will be interesting.

The Seville oranges are cooking away to become marmalade that is great on toast for breakfast tomorrow! They are not as juicy as normal oranges and bitter to taste but makes the best ever marmalade!

5 Responses to “The smokin gun and Seville organges at last!”
  1. Love Seville organges, must get some for my marmalade soon.

  2. Francesca says:

    Have you tried your smoke gun on anything else? I want to know if it works. I just bought a pro Q smoker and your gun looks a lot easier.

  3. I don’t usually comment but I gotta admit appreciate it for the post on this special one : D.

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