Not a haggis in sight in Scotland!

I went to Scotland on business, not a long trip but arrived in the evening of January 25th, the official Burns night.

I expected the hotel (that has an ok restaurant) to at least have something with haggis, quite a versatile product, but I also read in a Scottish Daily newspaper that the English eat more haggis than the Scots! This might be true.

Sometimes when travelling it can be hard to eat well, it is so easy to just pick up something whilst rushing past but this time I tried to make an effort.
I started with sushi at the airport from Itsu, it is a great lunch, healthy and quick at the same time. I wasn’t quite sure about the wasabi popcorn I also got, maybe a little more salt would have helped but it was not bad at all!

In the evening, as arriving late I opted for dinner in the hotel restaurant, The Limelight Bar & Grill. It was very quiet, quite a few business diners, a couple on a date and a couple who had long since stopped talking.

I had a carrot and coriander soup for starter, it was pleasant but the crusty bread and butter were absent, not that I minded too much but a sliver of bread would have been nice.

I then opted for a burger. I have been to Scotland many times before and it is true, they sell deep fried mars bars, and snickers bars, I have also seen deep fried pizza wedges, it all looked as bad as it sounds and I have to say I didn’t try it! Maybe one day I will pluck up the courage.
Whilst they have this supreme junk food culture they also have the most wonderful produce. Super tender and flavoursome Aberdeen Angus beef and seafood so fresh you are almost sure it was alive up until cooking time!
The burger was first class, the bun was seeded and toasted, there was a tangy salsa, the cheese was a perfect complement, the lettuce fresh, tasty tomatoes and great meat, this is when you know why you love burgers, never a McD again!

In the end I was in Scotland on Burns night and the closest I came to haggis was a bag of haggis flavoured crisps! Next year I will plan it better and am glad we already had our lovely burns night dinner!

2 Responses to “Not a haggis in sight in Scotland!”
  1. Sorry to hear that you didn’t get any haggis when you visited Scotland. I’m sure if you had been able to check out some other restaurants you would have seen it on the menu in one form or another. I’ve lived in Scotland all my life and never seen a deep fried mars bar or snickers bar, deep fried pizza – yes I have seen that but it does look disgusting! Glad you had some good food on your visit though and I must look out for those crisps!

    • petra08 says:

      I am sure as well! And I love Haggis but can always go to Boisdale in London as well! And our local butcher has some. And only ever seen the deepfried mars bars in Aberdeen! 🙂

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