Meatball sub, pancakes and steamed chicken

Having sushi for lunch is great, lean, energising and fresh but I do tend to get very hungry after a while. I need to find a healthy and satisfying snack for the afternoon. I read somewhere that someone (on a diet) ate 6 raisins when they felt they needed a snack. I bought a big pot of raisins and thought I would try it. Before I even thought about it I had eaten about a year supply of raisin “snack” portions in one go, guess it didn’t work for me.

Sometimes I like to challenge myself to cooking on a low budget. I can use anything I have at home but have to buy the main ingredient in the shops. This time I wanted to do a dinner for two for a fiver. I went to the shops to find some fresh fish, I was thinking maybe mackerel but it was thin on the ground in the fish counter.
Instead I found some organic chicken livers and decide to make a hash. I also bought some bacon, gems lettuce and a bunch of salad onions. In the fridge I had potatoes, carrot and onion. I pan fried it all as a hash and served with pickled apples. Perfectly quick and easy dinner for less than a fiver!

All week I have been thinking of meatballs and I got some mincemeat from the butcher, got some fresh rolls and made a meatball sub for lunch, what a treat!

I had a friend coming over today for coffee. I am not a big baker and didn’t feel like baking so I opted for making pancakes. I got blueberries from the shops and made a blueberry couli and served the pancakes with the coulis and vanilla flavoured whipped cream. Very yummy. Maybe I should make them more often.

I longingly eyed up a sous vide to buy online but I can’t justify getting one. It still works to steam fish or meat wrapped in cling film and I decided to steam chicken for dinner. I bought chicken breasts, butterflied them, stuffed them with garlic and herb butter and rolled them in cling film to be steamed. I served them with mash and a mix of sweet corn and broad beans from the allotment and a couple of crispy bacon rashers.


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