A Mexican discovery, carrot marmalade and SNOW!

The other night I went out with my friends for dinner. We had our heart set on Dishoom, a Bombay style brassiere in Covent Garden. What we didn’t count on was that it was completely full so we changed culinary direction and went for Mexican instead at Cantina Laredo. It is a great restaurant, the food is authentic, the atmosphere great and lovely staff. The food is light and fresh, a taste of Mexico in central London!


Enchiladas Veracruz

Enchiladas de Mole

Mexican Apple Pie

This was the first week of the year that actually felt like winter. The Siberian winds swept in and brought cold air and finally snow! It is so pretty and if it wasn’t for the way that London is never prepared for snow I would love it more! I could finally get my silly woolly hat out, the gloves and feel winter winds on my face! I had to take a late night walk and take some pics!

A friend of mine made carrot marmalade the other day. I was so intrigued I needed to try to make my own. It turned out delicious and I will be making it again and again and the colour is amazing.


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