Hot cackling on a cold winters night

The whole week has been plagued by cold weather and I have had an urge for warm foods. Quite a few lunches were spent eating noodle soup that I buy from across the road. It is quick, easy and healthy.

I could feel a cold coming on and decided to start feeding the cold. (any excuse!) I had a sausage sandwich with lots of hot sauce for breakfast to get started. My weekend guilty pleasure is the white, sesame crusted rolls from the local bakery, I could eat then all day long but as they should be eaten the same day as baked I only ever eat them on Saturdays and how perfect for a sausage sandwich!

There was a Quin’s game on today, it started at 2 PM and to make sure of a great homecoming I put a rolled shoulder of pork in the oven for slow roasting. It was another cold day but full of sunshine and a great game!

I did a dry spice rub and it cooked for 5 hours on low heat.
To go with it I did polenta. I have always bought readymade polenta before but it is super easy. I quartered the base proportions and still there is more than enough for tomorrow as well! Today I just let it cool slightly and sliced it to serve.

Once the pork was close to ready I cranked the heat up and it crackled beautifully!

To go with it I made a cold garlic and lemon sauce, the polenta was soft but firm and the pork fall-apart tender with that crackling! All washed down with the smoothest Shiraz. A perfect chill out dinner for a Saturday night.


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