Chocolate mousse with raspberry jelly as a perfect ending

Sometimes I wake up in the morning and I just know what I want to eat for dinner. It has been fairly grey this week and I felt like something colourful. It was also like a pre Valentines dinner as Valentines is on a Tuesday and I will most likely not have time for cooking.

I started with a veg soup, the base was swede and lots of other veg as well, no fat added and just a teaspoon of light crème fraiche to add some richness.

After this I pan fried a slice of the polenta I made yesterday, I sliced yesterdays roast pork very thinly and served this with button mushrooms and the vegetable curry.

I wanted something colourful with warm spices o bring out the flavours and I used:
1 chopped onion
1 celery stick, chopped
1 small carrot, chopped
2 garlic cloves, finely chopped
1 chilli finely chopped seeds removed
Cauliflower broken in to small florets
Broccoli broken in to small florets
Broad beans
Chopped canned tomatoes
1 tbs oil
½ red pepper
1 tsp mustard seeds
1 tsp ground cumin

It turned out great, with only a table spoon of oil added fat it had all the flavour and was very low on fat.

For dessert there was only one option, chocolate mousse. When it comes to paying a little extra for some things, well, sometimes it is worth it. I love Varlhorna chocolate and I had both milk and dark for a perfect mix.
To go with it I had a box of raspberries and decided to make raspberry jelly, a marriage made in heaven and a perfect end to the week and a start for next week.


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