Veg bake with truffle and pan fried salmon

I had one of those days, just a tiny bit forgetful. I went to get some food after work and only once home realised I had forgotten a few things, isn’t that so annoying?
I did think about going back out to the shops but decided to start cooking (too hungry to postpone dinner!) with what I had in my cupboards to replace what I forgot.

I got a beautiful piece of salmon loin to pan fry, to go with that I had a craving for a vegetable bake. I had forgotten cream or butter milk, or milk actually. I also forgot potatoes. I did some roaming around in the veg in my fridge. I had one potato, luckily it was quite large, I found some leek as well and decided to make the bake with stock as a base.

I placed sliced potato in the bottom of the dish, then added wilted spinach, more sliced potato, sliced leek and the last layer was potato again.
I mixed chicken stock with some added truffle oil, just a hint and some crushed garlic and pored over the veg and baked it in 175C for 30 minutes.

When there was 15 minutes left I seared the salmon and placed it to finish off in the oven so that everything was ready at the same time.

The veg bake turned out so nice I might actually do it again and I didn’t miss the cream/dairy at all! It made for a very nice and quick dinner with a bit of a healthy twist.


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