Pete’s praised paella cooked on the open fire

I did a trip to Edinburgh very recently and it is just beautiful. The city oozes charm, history and old money. There are superb restaurants and fantastic produce, the seafood is fresh and the meat quality is amazing.

This time my trip coincided with (not together with of course!) the prime minister’s trip to Edinburgh.

Sometimes I love to travel for work and I meet people that I would never have meet otherwise and that are so great. This time I was invited to friends for a dinner cooked by, and on, the fire. Needless to say it was really looking forward to it!

I started by going to watch my friend lead a dance class for her dance troop “Absolutely Legless”. This rehersal took place in Wallyford, I had never been there before!

Absolutely legless does Irish dancing for any style and occasion and I dare you to try and move your feet as fast as they do! I could not even try and they are so fast and so coordinated!

Something else that struck me was how much fun they had and the warmth within the group! Some were more advanced dancers but they all enjoyed it so much and the pride when they got a series of complicated steps right was great to see.

After the dancing we headed over to my friends where there was already a fire going, the wine bottled opened and I got a lovely and warm spot by fire and felt very welcome.

I had a look around and homemade venison sausage was cooking on the barbecue, it looked amazing. It was made by Joe who also smoked cheese. More cheese was smoking as well and the smells were very inviting.

I remember I bought venison sausage before from a butcher (not my local one) who raved about the quality, but in the end it was actually quite dry and didn’t have a lot of taste. Joe’s venison sausage was amazing, a hint of spice, all meat and I could have eaten a whole one by myself! Like his cheese am sure he could add this to his food empire base!

Some other friends had bought a Bulgarian sauce with a base of sweet peppers and tomato, it was delicious and I had heaps of it. I did ask how it is pronounced but I can’t remember and looking at the jar I can’t even guess.

Whilst we were munching away on the sausage the paella pan came out and it was an authentic one and the paella to be cooked over open fire. Outdoor chef Pete was prepared to get started.

Paella pan on the fire

Paella ingredients

The onions gave off a wonderful smell and as it cooked Pete added more and more of the ingredients

Proud paella chef

The paella was cooking away and even having had generous helpings of smoked cheese, grilled halumi and venison sausage I could feel myself getting hungrier still! Or it could have been plain greed.

It turned out my sense of smell did not disappoint and the paella was by far the best one I ever had! Just yum! Filled with delicately blended flavours and still so light, I had to have a second helping and anything less would have been plain silly!

Pete did his paella proud! After the meal was sat around the fire, the environment was so great and it was the natural place to be.

The stars were plentiful and it was a beautiful evening with crystal clear air. A place to just be yourself and let all tensions melt away, quite a treat for a “Londoner”.

When I thought I can never fit anything else someone brought out something described as “like doughnuts but not doughnuts and Russian”, well I can’t find any better explanation except perhaps “like doughnuts but better”, the pic didn’t do them justice but they deserve to be mentioned!

At the end of the meal I thought that Mr Cameron (the prime minister) most likely had a dinner cooked by a Michelin starred chef who only uses the very best ingredients but no way could his meal or company have been better! Am I not the lucky one?!

One Response to “Pete’s praised paella cooked on the open fire”
  1. Magda says:

    Wow, sounds amazing! I am also very interested in the Russian dougnuts…:)

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