Salmon on my mind

On Friday night I was so hungry I needed something quick and easy so I made a casserole from sausage and beans and a sprinkle of Joes smoked cheese. Not the most sophisticated dish but perfect weeknight food with a glass or two of red.

I was thinking yesterday what I would want to eat this weekend. I haven’t had a lot of time to cook lately. Today I might have gone overboard but I really wanted to eat salmon. They had some lovely salmon at the fishmonger, very fresh and I had several ideas how to cook it so bought a little extra.

On the way home we went past the allotment, there are still things to pick.




I could also see the rhubarb coming through

It has been so warm lately and it was the same today, I did see daffodils blooming, a clear promise of spring even if it is only February!

I picked some kale and brought home some onions and garlics from last year’s harvest, still lovely to eat.
I decided to make small size portions and to make four different salmon dishes.

I started tonight’s dinner by making a ceviche, I used:
Lime juice
A sprinkle of sea salt

After that I did seared salmon on avocado with sour cream and lime, just as a small bite.

Next I steamed salmon with ginger, garlic and chilli. It turned out as a very delicate dish, the flavours mellowed whilst steaming and I didn’t use the seeds in the chilli.
I once saw a program about an Italian chef who did a risotto based on jasmine rice and I decided to do the same to go with the salmon. For flavours I used coconut milk and lemon, I did it slightly firmer than I would normally do but it was still moist and I will cook it again

The last of the salmon dishes was sesame crusted, pan fried salmon with wilted kale and lemon and herb boiled potato.

It was washed down with a white Rioja, light with the fish but with enough character to compliment the salmon.


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