Classic roast chicken dinner with an Asian twist

I love Sunday dinners, they can take their time, it fills the house with inviting smells, allowing the hunger to build up and to properly sit down and eat together.
The classic roast chicken is cooked whole filled with lemon and thyme. I added a whole garlic to the stuffing and some cracked black pepper. I then placed it on the tray and added soy sauce, stock and gave the chicken a brush with toasted sesame oil and put it in a hot oven to cook.

As a starter I stuffed chestnut mushrooms with a quail’s egg each, some salt and pepper and a sprinkle of Joes smoked cheese, not too much just to taste.
I put them in the oven with the chicken for 9 minutes and they turned out lovely.

We picked some swede from the allotment and I decided to make a mash. They are still fine but a little bit paler than the ones you buy in the shops but with perhaps even a bit more flavour.

The chicken cooked beautifully and the toasted sesame oil and the soy sauce lifted the lemon and thyme flavours. It was a lovely roast chicken. The sesame oil also made the skin very crisp and irresistible!

The lemon added acidity to the sauce that made it lighter, a great complement to the chicken and the swede mash. Perfect as a Sunday dinner with a bottle of shiraz.


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