That famous prawn sandwich

A lot of restaurants have a signature dish that will remain a favourite year after year. At Heaven23 at Gothia Towers in Gothenburg they took inspiration from Rhode Island on the US east coast for a king size prawn sandwich. Bigger is better was the thought and the name is simply King Size. This very large prawn sandwich was launched in 1984 and has been a hit ever since. In 2009 they fulfilled a dream and sold their one millionth prawn sandwich and it is still a big seller.

Last weekend we stayed at the hotel Gothia Towers in Gothenburg, Sweden and it was the most natural thing in the world to head to their restaurant Heaven23 (on the twenty third floor) and the prawn sandwich.
It is not just a restaurant but also a bar and as such it was quite busy and the panoramic views are just as breath-taking at night as during day time.

There were pretty flowers on each table

There was an open kitchen for the cold foods and they produced a lot of prawn sandwiches throughout the night!

Another interesting thing about Heaven23 is that they have a very impressive wine list, specialised in Austrian wines. Ever since I went to Vienna and tried Austrian wines I have been on the look-out in the shops and when I find them I almost always buy a bottle. This might be the best kept Austrian secret and maybe they keep the very best of their wines to themselves.
We ordered a bottle of Soellner from Gruner Vetliner Hengstberg and it was delicious, light but aromatic and if you ever find it in the shops get a bottle. It doesn’t have to be served with a prawn sandwich of very large proportions but it goes very well together.

Anyone who knows anything about Heaven23 knows that it is the prawn sandwich that you order, or as it is named, King Size. It really has the American “bigger is better” feeling about it and no, I couldn’t finish it all!

So was it everything it advertised? It is very nice for sure, for me it has a tiny bit too much mayonnaise but you can easily eat around it as there is so much of it. The prawns were fresh but could have been a little saltier to get that taste of the sea that is so nice but in all it was a great meal and these are only minor details!

During two days in Sweden I actually only ate two things but both twice. The king size prawn sandwich was the first. The following day I went to see a friend for lunch. I had promised to cook. We had limited time so didn’t want to get started on anything major and opted for an omelette. They sold the most delicate smoked Norwegian salmon in the store and I had to get some of this. I did the omelette and added chopped up cherry tomatoes, gem lettuce, spring onions, pan fried diced potatoes and chives with a little grated cheese. To go with it I did a dressing of feta cheese and crème fraiche light and served with freshly baked (store bought) walnut bread, a perfect light but filling lunch.

That evening it was time for more prawns, this time shell on prawns and langoustines, as per tradition always served with fresh bread, cheese beer and wine. The langoustines are my favourites and in August/September each year there are lots of Swedish parties, langoustines on the Swedish west coast and crayfish inland and on the east coast!

The last meal was salmon, flavoured with lemon and herbs and served with a sauce based on sour cream with red onion and roe and boiled potatoes. It was such a traditionally Swedish weekend food wise, even without the meatballs!

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  1. That prawn sandwich is huge! At least you weren’t disappointed, I bet the smoked salmon was lovely, especially in an omelette.

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