Citrus stuffed trout with sticky coconut rice

I had all the best laid plans for a weekend of cooking superfoods, loaded with vitamins, amino acids and everything else you can think of!

Of course my carefully thought out plans didn’t quite work, my friends and myself ended up in a Nepalese restaurant with the dignified name The Royal Ghurkha. When we arrived, famished after a long week (Friday night) and after a pint to get the weekend started, we ordered way too much but my favourite was marinated and cooked lamb, served in a poppadum!
The light was not brilliant and all images came out slightly blue but I had to show you, it was a very decorative dish!

So with Friday night being a write off Saturday was not much better. Waking up hungry we decided to go for a fry up in a local café. I have to say being lazy and not cooking breakfast myself was a big mistake, not sure what has happened but the food was actually inedible and to so completely fail with the most basic of foods takes something extra. What was so bad? Well, the bacon was off, the scramble eggs was so hard you could actually have a fork standing straight up on it’s own, the tomato tasted like it was doused in stale cooking oil and was burnt and so on… the tea was fine but what a disappointment! So still hungry I went to the baker and got some of my favourite rolls, my weekend guilty pleasure.

After that I stopped at the butcher and got some pork mince for dinner, sausage and bacon for a proper Sunday breakfast, a breast of chicken and a Toulouse sausage for a soup, as well as some mortadella in super thin slices and hurried home to have another cup of tea and a lovely, freshly baked roll with very thinly cut mortadella! Bliss.

There was another lovely surprise, a bright green envelope arrived with a box of cookies. As a very proud godmother I have to say that my godson had created his own cooking recipe, baked them and sent me a box! That is love!

The Saturday had only started and full gear ahead it was time for some rugby. The weather was stunning, really warm and sunny and it was a lovely day to watch a game, have a chat at the club house and drink a pint or two. Again I lost all healthy direction and managed to eat some pork scratching, a true weakness of mine but so very salty and crispy…

Once home again I made a meatloaf from the mince pork, it is so quick and easy, just mix everything and in the oven. I served it on bread with gravy on top. Meatloaf doesn’t look very exciting on picture so will spare you!

Finally Sunday I simply had to cook an English breakfast and what a difference! I also decided to cook from the cupboards and I had quails eggs that I pan friend sunny side up, they looked just irresistible.

For dinner I wanted to make a broth, now coming back to rejuvenating and healthy foods. I did a broth and used the Tolouse sausage and breast of chicken. I did a stock based on chicken and smoked gammon, using all of the left over veg, carrot, celery, onion and garlic and leek. I also used thyme and bay leaves from the allotment. The stock was slowly cooked for 2 hours. I gently poached the sausage and sliced it thinly, and the poached chicken breast was shredded, one sausage and one breast of chicken is more than enough for 4 people with veg and bread on the side.

However this was a starter so no bread on the side but it was still hearty but still light.

For mains I bought whole trout for dinner, they looked amazing and I just had to buy them. I stuffed them with dill and fillets of lemon and orange mixed with a little salt and pepper and cooked the on the oven on salt in 175C for 15 minutes and they were perfectly cooked.

I served it with a cold sauce that had a silken tofu base flavoured with chilli, garlic and lemon, perfect wit fish but could also have worked with chicken!

I also did sticky coconut rice with broad beans, spring onion and with a sprinkle of chive, lovely!

After this mix of kind of healthy food we did finish with a little cheese, I could not resist but it was lovely and I feel that it was a lovely weekend, gone past way to fast but it was fun, not as healthy as planned but great!


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