Yellow vegetarian chilli

I found canned Pomodori tomatoes in the store and had to try them! I love the red colour of tomatoes but the yellow just intrigued me. What better way to try it than to make a vegetarian curry and serve with a toast and cheese.
The day was almost only totally crap foods, it started with a morning meeting, I was so hungry I picked up some pecan Danish on the way and greedily gulped one down almost in one go, well I was supposed to talk as well!

This was followed by a small and healthy fruit salad as a snack but oh, completely fell of course and ate a bockwurst on the go for a late lunch. It is authentic German and tasted great, I ate only a very small part of the bread but still. As late as this morning on the breakfast news they were taking about how processed and red meats shorten your life and I could not help wondering with how much time of my life this particular bockwurst would take off but then it is impossible to worry about everything and I tucked in and finished it off!

By the time I got home and a few meetings later I did feel in need of something healthy and again decided to raid the cupboards and make a yellow vegetable chilli. I had a tin of yellow pomodori tomatoes that I used as a base. I then added vegetables, red kidney beans and chickpeas and let simmer for 30 minutes. After that I added some yellow pepper, broad beans and let it simmer until hot and served it with toast.


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