Pork loin with crackling, garlic mash and blueberry pie

I was away for a large part of the week so had a request for pork loin, cooked whole with crackling if possible for Sunday lunch.

I haven’t cooked anything for what feel like ages so went for a full on breakfast, there was bacon from the butchers, I did a test and put maple syrup on half of the rashes and not the other half, they came out so different I couldn’t pic’ a favourite.

I found some halumi cheese that I cooked as well, not enough for anything so thought might as well, it worked a treat.

Chipolata sausages are always lovely for breakfast, on toast with hot sauce, and today with halumi cheese as well, very nice!

Crispy bacon and Halumi

Fried potatoe

Pork chipolatas

After the breakfast we went for a walk. I went to Sweden this week for a quick visit and it is so much colder and wintery feeling still and it made me appreciate the London weather even more.

As a starter I made an avocado and grapefruit salad, it was light and a perfect starter to tease the taste buds but not to feel to full..

The pork loin was cooked in the oven and served with mushrooms provencale, garlic mash, broccoli and a tomato salad.

Pork loin with crackling

Soft garlic mash

Provencale mushrooms

Steamed broccoli

For once I had a craving for dessert. Normally I prefer cheese but I woke up this morning wanting, of all things, blueberry pie. I love when there is a nice crust and crunch and it was perfect, especially with whipped cream. I like to add toasted hazelnuts but had none at home so toasted sesame seeds and added to the dough and it made for a lovely crust.

Almost the whole pie went, it was quite small but still and I feel stuffed, ready to chill out and enjoy my Sunday evening!

One Response to “Pork loin with crackling, garlic mash and blueberry pie”
  1. Those Provencal mushrooms look so good. The blueberry pie sounds great too.

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