Whisky cocktails, inspired by World of Whiskys

This week I spoke at the World of Whisky’s conference. You might wonder what on earth I did there and I almost did myself but I was invited to talk about how to advertise to women, half of the population, still not a big base for whisky drinking.
One of the conclusions is that whisky would most likely be a lot more attractive when it comes in cocktail format. So I decided to see if I could make a whiskey based cocktail. Whisky is of course very different, smooth, a bit harsher, smoky, peaty and well I just had to start with something and opted for Glenlossie 10 years old. All great cocktails have to have a name and I thought I would call mine Bibo, and here is the recipe so you can try it yourself.

1 cocktail – Bibo
• 4 cl xx
• 1 dl ginger ale
• A slice of lemon and some juice
• A small dash of honey

It turned out quite nice.

If you don’t like the sound of this I have a another recipe that I still haven’t tried.

• Champagne
• Fresh mint
• Whisky ice

I didn’t have it but oh it did smell lovely! More to come on this, I must try it this weekend!

Encouraged by this I decided to continue on my whisky quest and decided to finally get my molecular gastronomy going and made a chocolate cake and served it with vanilla crème fraiche and whisky caviar. Perhaps a dessert for Sunday lunch.

It was a great day, I learnt more about whisky on the day than in an entire lifetime and I am really curious about learning more. What I learnt is that there are so many small distilleries, and like for any small food producers there is simply so much enthusiasm, innovation and go get it spirit of things! Have a whisky tasting at home, invite your friends and go for it, you might find one or two you like! Or cook something with it, as I discovered, it goes with pork and of course chocolate.


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