A light dinner of roast chicken with savoy cabbage

I love Saturdays. It has been an intense week and I love brunch on weekends. I did sleep in a little late and made the effort to go to the butcher for bacon and the bakers for a freshly baked loaf.
I ate the brunch taking it easy watching Saturday kitchen feeling inspired for a foodie weekend.

It was the warmest day of the year so far and a game of rugby. I put my shades on and it was so hot I got through quite a few pins of IPA! It was so lovely to feel the warm sunshine on my face and to be able to sit in a short sleeved t-shirt outside, luxury in March!

For dinner I wanted something quite quick and not too heavy. I had a savoy cabbage in the fridge and I bought chicken legs from the butcher.

In an oven proof pan I placed
• The chicken legs
• Crushed garlic cloves
• A cut up lemon
• Salt
• Pepper
• Thyme

I cooked it for 40 minutes in a hot oven, 200C. The only fat I added was the oil brushing the chicken and some for the pan.

While the chicken was cooking I steamed the savoy cabbage and made a béchamel sauce flavoured with cheese. I didn’t use any butter and the sauce was based on semi skimmed milk and stock so very healthy except for the cheese. I served it with the crushed garlic and the lemon. The lemon had a slightly caramelised flavour that was great with the chicken.

I made a salad to go with it. I love the combination of chicken and spinach so I did spinach based salad. I used avocado to make it rich and I toasted seeds for crunch.

It was a filling but light meal, carb free and a perfect ending to a lovely day. I might also have to mention that my whisky cocktail Bibo went very well with the dinner, a bit decadent but oh so nice!

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  1. Good Morning, I just stopped in to visit your website and thought I’d say I enjoyed myself.

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