A warming dinner party on a cold April night

After a stint of super summery weather in March it now feels like November, it is rainy, windy and cold! We had some friends over for a dinner and with the weather in mind I wanted to serve something that made you feel warm and looked after! I lit loads of candles and kicked the … Continue reading


The Blackboard Bistro in Dublin

I am very fortunate to have a foodie friend in Dublin where I go on a regular basis for work. She has guided me through the myriad of restaurants in the city centre and one night she introduced me to one of her favourites, The Black Board Bistro. If I was on my own I … Continue reading

Bella Italia! Where seasonal eating is a way of living and drinking world class local wines

The Le Marche weekend was a nice and long one. We had time to cook at our friends house as well as go out to eat. I love to browse around even in the local supermarkets, everything looks exotic and they also follow the seasons in terms of eating and if it isn’t in season, … Continue reading

Rustic indulgence in a warm Le Marche sun

Italy is always a journey and an experience. No senses are left un touched in beautiful Le Marche. The Le Marche region faces the Adriatic sea and is more rustic but equally beautiful to Tuscany. The Sibillini Mountains show a different side every hour with is snow covered peaks and clouds hovering around them. It … Continue reading

Paneer cheese with sweet chilli sauce

I love paneer cheese when I go for a curry as a side dish and was delighted when I found it in my local supermarket. I bought it straight away and then didn’t quite know what to do with it! I have never cooked it before so this was a bit of a challenge. I … Continue reading

Lemon sole with fresh, grated horseradish

It was a very typical April day, rain, hail, warm sunshine and cold winds. Still rain and hail did not hang around for too long so a perfect day to head for the allotment and make sure that we get some lovely veg coming later this year. There are already a few things that has … Continue reading

Fishfinger comfort with “carrot taziki”

The week was short but it still felt very long and Friday night I felt an urge for easy to cook comfort food. Last weeked I spoke to a friend about fishfingers. I haven’t had them for ages and decided that this would be my comfort food. I didn’t even feel like making any mash … Continue reading

Rhubarb stuffed chicken and Veg bake with bacon

After the Easter indulgence I felt it was time to go for lighter foods! I have problems buttoning my favourite jeans, that is a sure sign lighter foods are coming up. I went to the allotment and it wasn’t only the forced rhubarb that was up but quite a lot of the non forced rhubarb … Continue reading

Pulled lamb and cured salmon for Easter lunch

Easter is here! Four long days off and I finally had time for some cooking. I invited some friends for Easter Saturday lunch. In Sweden the tradition is to eat lamb or salmon at Easter and I decided that this would make a great menu. I wanted salmon to be the main course so had … Continue reading

Prawn and halumi salad

After the indulgent weekend in Paris I felt that I should have more fruit and veg and decided to do a salad. I found some juicy prawns and used them to build the salad around. Here are the ingredients I used, you can of course use anything that you prefer, the beauty of salads! Gem … Continue reading