Oh la Pomze!

I spent the weekend enjoying spring time in Paris. It was so lovely, full of sunshine, about 23C when we arrived, a bit cooler after that but sunny and lovely most of the time.

Paris has a lot to offer but one thing you have to do as a foodie is to eat! I wanted to try new places and one of the places I went to visit was Pomze. It is a quirky and fun restaurant where each dish contains apple. Needless to say they also serve an impressive range of apple cider and calvados.

We arrived a little early so had time to sit by the window and watch the world go by enjoying a glass of apple cider. There were vibrant, colourful apples everywhere.

When ready we headed upstairs to the beautiful restaurant.

At first we were served lovely fresh baked bread with apple butter. The bread tasted as if it has just come out of the oven. Baguette never tastes as good as when in France! The apple butter was slightly tart and lovely. The atmosphere was so harmonious, perhaps it has something to do with the apples everywhere, or the lovely staff.

They served a pre starter, this was a trio of dishes. There was a savoury madeleine with apples, a little radish with apple sauce and some lovely ham with a thin apple slice, melt in your mouth gorgeous!

As a starter we ordered Landes’s duck foie gras with pommeau and citrus chutney. It tasted just as good as it looked and was served with a side salad.

We had some very refreshing apple cider to go with the rich starter.

For mains we ordered the special of the day, pigeon and Beef filet with Normandy pommeau sauce and gratin Dauphinois

Dessert is a must, actually cheese is a must! They served four different soft cheeses with lovely chunks of apples. It looked like a big cheese plate but oh it seemed to go quite fast!

It was a true foodie experience. Apple was not always the star of the dish but it was there as a note of apple freshness throughout and even if you just come for an apple cider sitting outside enjoying watching the world go by or go for a full on dinner, make sure you stop by!

2 Responses to “Oh la Pomze!”
  1. Magda says:

    What about tarte tatin darling P?!

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