A lovely day in springtime Paris

There is something special about Paris. The atmosphere is full of life. Everywhere you look there is another beautiful building, a lovely view of the city or a bar or a café that you just have to visit.

The streets were full of artists, this dancer was dancing with the Eiffel Tower in the background.

Not quite as artistic but happy dancers.

All the trees in the parks were in blossom and it was colourful and beautiful everywhere.

We enjoyed a lovely lunch at a typical Parisian café, it was a simple Quiche Lorraine with a salad and a cool glass of wine, finished with an espresso and an eclaire.

After the snack that we walked over to the Notre Dame, I had never seen it before in real life and it is an amazing building.

The Notre Dame is well protected.

There were loads of tourists out and with them comes the fast foods. Hot dogs in plenty, they come, not in a bun but in a baguette and were covered with cheese.

Saying that it was time to keep walking – to the next snack! One of the shops has a stunning array of meringues, just amazing and I was tempted but managed to resist to buy a passion fruit meringue!

We walked past the pastisserie and I was ready for something sweet and fell for a pain au raisin, it was just perfect! The pastry was so flaky, the vanilla crème was so smooth and the raisins so plump, I could have had three for dinner!

A table for dinner was already booked so I couldn’t eat more than one. In order to burn off at least one eight of the pain au raisin we walked some more along the Seine, it had been such a lovely, leisurely day.


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