Indulgent seafood dinner and fun at Harry’s Bar

The last of the trio of blogs about Paris. It is a city to live life and what better than to go for an indulgent seafood dinner!

We decided to stop by Harrys Bar on 5 Rue Daunou on the way. The drinks are a little pricey but oh my they are strong! The evening kicked off with a couple of g&t’s, most likely enough gin for an entire evening. After that it was time to head off to Boeuf sur le Toit, an art deco seafood restaurant.

The waiter was great fun and made us feel very looked after. We started with an amouse bouche with foie gras.

To go with it we had a lovely bottle of Scancerre

As a starter we had King Crab, tartare d’avocat et salade croquante aux agrumes

And also 6 oysters, Les Fines de Claire n°2. They were very lovely and had just the right taste of the sea. To go with the oysters I also ordered a crab. It was served as two halves with all the tools and it was just so much fun cracking crab and drinking the lovely wine !

After that lovely meal we had no room for dessert or even cheese and headed back to Harry’s bar and more drinks. I had my eye on a corn whisky I heard about the week before at the World of Whisky Conference. It is brewed by a small independent distillery just outside New York and it is called Hudson Whisky. To be launched in the UK later this month I believe. So what is so special? This one is made from corn, an old type specially grown for this distillery. It is also completely clear.

I mixed the whisky with some ginger ale and with the Harry’s bar size drinks I got very, very happy. It seems I didn’t make any sense and could not stop laughing!

The next day was a little calmer, a bit of more walking, a stroll up the Champs Elysees window shopping, eating a late breakfast at a café in the sunshine.

The dinner that evening was a much quieter but no less lovely affair. We went to a local restaurant, La Tabarin.

Looking at the menu it didn’t take long to decide. We started with a plate of charcuterie, rustique and wholesome, I am glad we opted for the small plate!

After that we tucked in to a Pot au Feu, actually one each, light as a feather with clear stock and melt in your mouth beef. Even better with a bottle of Bordeaux.

What a lovely ending to a lovely weekend when everything was right, even the weather! Next time I will make sure to have just a few more pain au raisins!

2 Responses to “Indulgent seafood dinner and fun at Harry’s Bar”
  1. nmbpro says:

    Even though I’m a huge seafood fan, I didn’t try raw fish when I was in Paris last year, but I did try raw beef. It was actually really good. Then again, all the food in Paris was amazing. Thanks for the great post.

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