Prawn and halumi salad

After the indulgent weekend in Paris I felt that I should have more fruit and veg and decided to do a salad. I found some juicy prawns and used them to build the salad around.

Here are the ingredients I used, you can of course use anything that you prefer, the beauty of salads!

Gem lettuce
Celery stick
Broad beans
Spring onions
Pitta bread
Light halumi cheese

I cooked the mushrooms and added frozen broad beans to de frost and cook through and set aside.
Whilst the mushrooms were cooking I chopped the other vegetables and tossed them together and put on the plate.
On top I placed the mushrooms and broad beans and the prawns. I added the pan fried light halumi and the toasted and lightly brushed with butter pitta bread and also scattered over some toasted cashew nuts.
To go with it I made a dressing from light crème fraiche, garlic, apple fire hot sauce and a splash of water for the right consistency.

It was a very satisfying salad and perfect as dinner!


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