Pulled lamb and cured salmon for Easter lunch

Easter is here! Four long days off and I finally had time for some cooking. I invited some friends for Easter Saturday lunch.

In Sweden the tradition is to eat lamb or salmon at Easter and I decided that this would make a great menu. I wanted salmon to be the main course so had to think about how to make lamb a starter.

Preparations started a couple of days beforehand, after work on Thursday I got a whole side of salmon from the fish mongers and I got breast/belly of lamb for the starter.

For starter I made a pulled lamb sandwich with coleslaw. I cooked the lamb on low heat for 2 hours. The meat on this part is so tender and it is hard to resist not eating it straight away!

Once the meat was cooked I let it cool slightly and separated it from the fat and pulled it in to shreds.

I mixed the meat with a chilli based sauce but you could use a barbeque sauce instead.
I placed the meat on toasted bread and placed coleslaw on top and it was a very nice starter.

I did an in-between course where I pan fried small cubes of salmon and served with small sliced of salmon quenelles, a quails egg, asparagus and lemon flavoured beurre blanc.

After that we had a bit of a break and a few more drinks whilst the potato and parsnip bake cooked in the oven. Once they were done I baked the salmon, I had already cured it for two days and wanted it to gently warm through and for the flavours to mix for the cream based sauce. I served it with the potato and parsnip bake and a crunchy salad.

In celebration of Easter I even baked! The first rhubarb had come up at the allotment. It was forced so very pale pink and so sweet, completely different from the usual rhubarb.

I prepared crème anglaise and placed it in the baked pastry base and then added the gently poached rhubarb and fresh raspberries.

We also had some Polish Easter cake that my friend made, delicious and it all went in no time!

After this we were quite full and happy as it was a good few bottles of wine later but there was still room for a fantastic cheeseboard, brought by another friend. After that we didn’t have room for anything more than perhaps another drink. Easter was celebrated in style!

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