Fishfinger comfort with “carrot taziki”

The week was short but it still felt very long and Friday night I felt an urge for easy to cook comfort food. Last weeked I spoke to a friend about fishfingers. I haven’t had them for ages and decided that this would be my comfort food.

I didn’t even feel like making any mash but wanted something nice to go with it. I didn’t have any cucumber for taziki, nor did I have any apple that I also use sometimes so after some roaming around in the fridge I decided to make carrot taziki. Actually I am not sure it can even be called a taziki but I couldn’t think of anything else so here is a recipe for “Carrot Taziki”

You need:

• 1 grated carrot
• A couple of table spoons of low fat crème fraiche
• ½ crushed garlic clove
• Grated zest of 1 lemon
• Salt and pepper to taste

Mix it all and serve, super quick and worked very well with the fish fingers. Very comforting fast food and even better with some white rioja.


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