Paneer cheese with sweet chilli sauce

I love paneer cheese when I go for a curry as a side dish and was delighted when I found it in my local supermarket.
I bought it straight away and then didn’t quite know what to do with it! I have never cooked it before so this was a bit of a challenge. I didn’t even think of finding some recipes online as am sure it would make a wonderful contribution to a curry instead of meat but wanted to make sure I could taste the flavour.

After some thinking and with not too much time to cook I decided to place it in the griddle pan and heat it through. It gave the surface a nice slightly crispy top and I served it with sweet chilli sauce. It was so nice and a perfect little lazy starter!

For main I kept it light and had a chicken and gammon broth with sweet corn. I had the broth already in the freezer from a previous batch so that was nice and easy. My freezer is filled to the brim so it is time to start eating from it to make room for this year’s veg!

It was a perfect base, I added some chopped spring onions as well, a little soy sauce and thickened it slightly with corn starch and it was ready to serve.

It made me think I should make soup more often and to make it a more filling dinner I served it with a cheese sandwich or two on the side.


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