The Blackboard Bistro in Dublin

I am very fortunate to have a foodie friend in Dublin where I go on a regular basis for work. She has guided me through the myriad of restaurants in the city centre and one night she introduced me to one of her favourites, The Black Board Bistro.

If I was on my own I might have missed this culinary treat. It is located in the basement in Claire street and if you are I Dublin city centre don’t hesitate to head over there, great French food and great prices!

I have been there a few times and it is by far my favourite Dublin restaurant. I have never had anything that wasn’t delicious to eat, they make you feel very welcome and they would never rush you!

This time both my friend and I could not resist the look of the crab. The crab was mixed with crispy apple and served with a wonderful layer of avocado.

After this we had a palate cleansing dish, simple but so delicious, a mango sorbet served with amaretto liqueur and thinly sliced mint. There wasn’t a drop left in the glass!

After that we had a bit of a break, enjoying lovely wine and catching up on life in general!

They had an interesting looking soup on the menu as a starter but I could have it as a main course. It was a hearty but light chorizo soup, it had potatoes and cabbage as well as sliced black olives. The olives made the whole soup amazing, the olive flavour went so well with the chorizo and they also added texture, simply delicious.

My friend opted for hake, it was a vision! It was served on a coconut base. The fish was flaky and perfectly cooked and the coconut made the dish different and interesting without competing with any of the other flavours.

The chef came out for a chat and it is so great to meet someone whom you know has been in the kitchen for a long time but carries a passion and such enthusiasm for his food.

We ended the meal sharing a cheeseboard, there was not much room left but as a cheese lover there is always a little room!

Make a note to come here if you can when in Dublin, this is lovely French bistro food with a twist!

One Response to “The Blackboard Bistro in Dublin”
  1. kdonkey says:

    a nice looking restaurant and food looks great – will have to give it a go next time I go to Dublin

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