Two quick dinners, Paneer & Chorizo hash and polenta crusted salmon

I really enjoyed my paneer cheese last time that I griddled in the pan. I also went back to my local Indian to double check how they cook their Paneer but it was in a sauce and I could not quite identify how they made the sauce and decided to see what else I could do with it, my way.

I love to make hash, it is so versatile, just take what you have at home, toss it in the pan, some seasoning and it is ready to serve. This time I made Paneer and chorizo hash. I used

2 spring onions, sliced
Paneer cheese
Chorizo picante, sliced
1 egg

I started by frying the chorizo to release the oils and flavours. Once the chorizo was cooked I took them out and pan friend potatoes in the oil, once they were almost cooked I added the paneer cheese. After about 5 minutes I added the remaining ingredients except the egg.
I only had one egg, have I had more I would have pan fried them on the side as usual. I cracked the egg in to the hash and let it just set and then served, the paneer cheese was great and I will do this again! It is a quick and easy dish, perfect on a weeknight.


I want to cook more fish and I could not resist loin of salmon. I usually crust two sides with sesame seeds to add that extra crunch but this time I decided to use polenta and parmesan instead.
I also wanted to make this a very healthy dish so I cooked the salmon with only a little oil and finished it in the oven.
I made a vegetable curry to go with it using yellow pomodori tomatoes as a base and black eye beans.

The salmon came out really nice, the polenta made for a lovely crust and the parmesan added flavour. The curry with the beans went very well with the salmon and it was a lovely weeknight meal.

2 Responses to “Two quick dinners, Paneer & Chorizo hash and polenta crusted salmon”
  1. This is just my kind of food. I’ve done something similar but I imagine the Paneer makes it even better!

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