Coconut sweetcorn chowder, Sopocka loin and peccorini veg

There is something about Friday nights and tonight was no different.I love to cook cross cuisine and take inspiration from different parts of the world. One of the things I love to eat when I go to the US is clam chowder. I have never done chowder but have since realised there are just as many versions as there are people cooking it! I always secretly wonder just how much cream is in the particular bowl of soup that I am eating at the moment and imagine my surprise when I got clear broth chowder! Not quite as nice as the creamy one but I finally decided to do one myself.

I didn’t have any clams for clam chowder so decided to make a sweet corn and coconut chowder instead. As it is not season I used a small tin of sweet corn and it was very nice.

Sweet corn chowder for 2 people
1 potato, peeled and cut in to cubes
½ onion, chopped up
1 small tin of sweet corn
½ tin of coconut milk
4 dl stock
Salt, white pepper to taste
A hint of nutmeg

I boiled the potato and onion in the stock for 10 minutes, just until soft. When this was boiling I pan fried the sweet corn until it had colour. Once cooked I put some sweet corn aside to add last minute and the rest I added to the stock with potato and onion. I placed it all in the mixer and mixed until quite smooth. I put the chowder back in to the pan, added the coconut milk and gently warmed the chowder through adding salt and pepper to taste. I will for sure do it again!

I went past the veg mongers today. They had a big box of cauliflower for 50 pence a head! I was so delighted I changed the dinner plans and decided to replace the potatoes with cauliflower for dinner. They also had the most irresistible looking small but fat looking fennel bulbs so I got one as well. I made a white sauce and flavoured it with a hint of nutmeg and pecorino cheese to go with it and it was great.

To go with this I had Polish pork loin, Sopocka that I found in the Polish section at my local super market. It was very tender and lightly smoked but I have to say it has a tiny hint of “processed meat” flavour, but it was very tender and nice.

The full meal was less than £7 for two and made for a great Friday night dinner and I managed to fuse Italian (the peccorini cheese) with Polish (the sopocka) and general cuisines into one meal.

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