The first asparagus and lamb meatloaf

After two long years of waiting we can finally start to harvest our asparagus that we grow at the allotment! Last year we took a few stems but not many and very carefully. This year there are quite a few and I picked a nice handful today for the very first time. There are more to come and I can’t wait.

We also have wild garlic on the allotment but there is not enough for pesto but the plant looks strong and I picked a few leaves and a flower to go with the asparagus soup.

I separated the tips from the stems of the asparagus. I used the stems for the soup. It was so easy and completely fat free!

Asparagus & and wild garlic soup with soft boiled quails egg for 2

An asparagus bunch, peel the stems, cut up in chunks and save the tips (Today am using them for the main course but they can be used as garnish)
1 small potato (to thicken the soup), peeled and cut in to small cubes.
Chicken (or vegetarian stock), 3.5 dl
A hint of white pepper
4 quails eggs

Boil the asparagus and potato in the stock for 10 minutes. Whilst the soup is boiling, boil the quails eggs for exactly two minutes in salted water. Once the two minutes are up place them in cold water to stop the cooking process. Add a hint of ground white pepper and pour in to the blender with roughly chopped wild garlic. Blend until quite smooth and pour in to two small serving bowls.

Cut one quails egg in half and gently place on top of the asparagus soup and serve immediately.

The Asparagus flavour really came through and it is a much healthier alternative to my first thought that was to steam them and then serve them with a knob of melted butter and a hint of sea salt.

For main I made a lamb meatloaf. One of my friends made me beef patties and put feta cheese in them. It was so nice I did it myself but my favourite is mince lamb and feta cheese!

I served it with sweet potato mash and coleslaw. For some slight acidity I had cranberry sauce. It was quite healthy comfort food and best of all, there is enough meatloaf left for sandwiches!

2 Responses to “The first asparagus and lamb meatloaf”
  1. lucky you with the asparagus!!!

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