Eating my way around the world at a festival in the rain

I waited this past weekend for the rain to stop. I did realise this was most likely not going to happen so I then thought perhaps it would get a little warmer… well that didn’t quite happen either so on the last day of the food fesitval I braved the weather and headed to the Foodies Festival at Hampton Court.

I brought a rain and wind proof jacket, can’t carry an umbrella if I was to eat and drink my way around the event, I would clearly need both hands so who cares if I got a little wet?!

It was actually very grey by the time I arrived and I decided to defy the weather with a cheerful pimms, with the rain landing in it, it did seem to last quite long!

It was a little cold as well so I came across a Gin brand I have never seen before. I was very curious as I love Gin and had a nice shot, it is very smooth and warmed nicely inside! It is still not on the open market but if you see it, I recommend getting a bottle.

After that it was time to check out the foods available. There were lots of Oriental foods, Vietnamese, Thai and Korean but I decided to start with a cone of sweet corn, very nice and light!

There were also a Portuguese hog roast, sausages, and Jamaican barbecues and Spanish paella.

Vietnamese food stand

Korean barbecue – it made me realise there is a Korean restaurant closer to me than New Malden! I had the pancake and some Korean chicken barbecue, very nice.

The Jamaican barbecue looked great but by the time I got there I had no more room left but I still had to get a picture!

The paella also looked, and smelled great (not as great as Petes paella but still nice.)

There was quite a lot of cheese for tasting but my favourite was a Lancashire bomb, lovely soft cheese studded with hot chilli. A perfect combo!

On the way out I picked up a loaf of rye sourdough bread that was just gorgeous and a couple of French buns. Even if I was full there is always a later, yum!

Sourdough bread

French buns

2 Responses to “Eating my way around the world at a festival in the rain”
  1. Magda says:

    Oh, I love the sourdough! It looks beautiful!!

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