English spring veg and steak dinner

I love to make my way home from work on a Friday afternoon. I always make a stop at the veg mongers to see what they have. Lately they have had tempting cauliflowers at the front of the display and I can never resist them. Today I saw the first English marrow and I had to get one. I think marrow is one of the most underrated vegetables! It has a wonderful structure and in the summer when we have massive ones I love to eat large quantities of it, steamed, mashed or in stews. I even make a delicious marrow jam! It is also one of the vegetables that just gets better the larger it gets, the only problem is that there is only so much you can eat and when they weigh up to five kilo… you can imagine. I also eyed up the most tender watercress and I had to get a bunch of that as well.

My next stop was the butchers. For tonight I got a couple of steaks. It is not that often I feel an urge to cook steaks but every now and then it is such a lovely treat. Eaten with lots of veg it is quite healthy. I just heard this morning on BBC breakfast that red meat (not too much too often) is actually good for you and this is when my urge for a steak dinner appeared! It was just a confirmation to see the 28 day aged rib eye steaks on display, only two left with my name on them!

I halved and deseeded the marrow, I then sprinkled some of the fantastic Italian olive oil that my friends gave me when visiting last, with some salt and pepper and a little smoky paprika. On top of that I added chopped up celery mixed with feta cheese and added some sesame seeds on top and roasted in the oven.

I wanted to make cauliflower mash from the cauliflower that I studded with black pudding, I got the idea at the butchers.

I wanted to use the watercress as well, otherwise it will be like always, I think it looks so amazing I have to buy some and then I forget it in the fridge! I took the left over feta cheese, some very low fat crème fraiche and mixed to a sauce with the watercress. The colour came out lovely. I added a hint of garlic and it worked really well and used it instead of garlic butter that I normally would make and it was a lot lower in fat but had loads of flavour.

The steaks turned out just as perfect as I imagined.

There were a lot of flavours but the watercress and feta cheese sauce brought it all together. What a perfect start to the weekend!

3 Responses to “English spring veg and steak dinner”
  1. marmadukescarlet1 says:

    Marrow is totally underrated! You have managed to combine a few of my absolute favourite things. Looks an absolute treat!

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