Fast Food – Slow Food and mmm crackling

After weeks of rain it finally cleared up, the sunshine was lovely and warm and Saturday was devoted to Rugby. It started with the Sevens. The theme this year was 70ties and there were some brilliant outfits. I wonder if they were all rented or if some of them actually own such clothes! I had a fab wig and amazingly it was enough for my friends not to recognize me!

There were fewer food stalls there this year than last year I think, or at least the selection but this didn’t stop me from having a roast pork roll for brunch. It was very nice and the crackling very tender.

It i a great day out, tickets are cheap for both days, I have to say the weather has been brilliant every year I have been, even this year! We went with friends and had such a great time. After a few games and some beer I was ready for some more food, this time a pasty, chicken and veg. It was really nice but after that I was completely full! It could also have something to do with the beers I had consumed as well perhaps.

Unfortunately we couldn’t stay on but popped across the road to Quins. As we passed Twickenham stadiums car park I did see tailgating, whole families and it looked great and for some very comfortable!

The Quins game was very close and could have gone either way, pure head to head and a fight for any points but am happy to say they came out on top!

Happy at home many hours later I was not quite in shape to do any cooking and went for a curry, I think I gained a few kilos extra in just one day but it was a good day out.

Today I had more time to cook, but before I got started it was time to plant at the allotment. I really hope there will not be a frost as I planted lots, marrow, sweetcorn, cucumber and a few other things that I hope will take off and produce lots of goodies in the summer!

There were more asparagus to pick and I got a nice handful and as it was so fresh I just put it in the griddle pan and ate it with halumi cheese. No vegetables ever taste better than when harvested and brought straight to the table.

I bought a pork belly for dinner and I slow cooked it, along with making crackling.

I also made roast garlic and sweet potato, and the whole dish came together with the cranberry sauce for some acidity to the richness of the pork belly, a very nice ending to a very nice weekend.

One Response to “Fast Food – Slow Food and mmm crackling”
  1. marmadukescarlet1 says:

    Sigh . . . perfect ending to a fabulous day!

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