Quite a few years ago I was introduced to a restaurant in London that I always come back to. I recommend it to anyone I know who comes to London to visit and everyone who has gone loves it.

Abeno is the only Okonomi-yaki restaurant in Europe. It is a delicious and healthy example of one of Japan’s best-kept culinary secrets. The dish is more than 400 year old and Abeno has two restaurants in London, Abeno and Abeno too.

The menus at Abeno are covered with the most delicate kimono fabric. They are all different and looks amazing.

We had miso soup and cucumber salad as starters and we also got some dumplings and I could not resist a small serving of kimchi, healthy, spicy and tasty.

Cucumber salad


I was there for lunch today and it was delicious as always.

Okonomi-yaki is cooked according to the seven steps of Okonomi-yaki enlightenment.

The Arrival
The Mixing
The Pouring
The Shaping
The Cooking
The Flipping
The Decorating

It is a pleasure to watch the Okonomi-yaki being cooked and they are all cooked at the table right in front of you (don’t come here wearing a thick sweater!). At Abeno they mainly have individual tables and at Abeno too they have more of bar style seating but in both places they cook on teppanyaki.

The end result is a delicious Okonomi-yaki, crispy on the outside and soft and full of flavour inside, very filling and you can choose a medium or a large version and for the extra hungry you can also have noodles to go with it! There are lovely sauces to go with it and it is beautifully decorated when done with a Japanese brown sauce, a light mayonnaise, chili sauce and then sprinkled with bonito flakes. The bonito flakes looks like they are alive from the heat of the Okonomi-yaki. Needless to say it is not just pretty it is also delicious.

My favourite is the London mix, it may sound strange but it has grated cheese, salmon and bacon. The salmon is very distinct and sits in the middle, soft but flavoursome. The cheese adds richness and the lovely texture of melted cheese, the bacon adds saltiness and a meatiness to the dish. Saying this all of them are lovely and if you go there I would recommend one with lotus root.

It is not much more expensive than eating lunch anywhere else in London, it is not super fast food but possible to manage at lunchtime and even better in the evening with sake to go with it!

2 Responses to “Okonomi-yaki”
  1. kdonkey1000 says:

    love the sound of this, I only really know Sushi and am not really a fan, but love the sound of this restaurant and must hunt it out.

    • petra08 says:

      I think you might like it, go to the one on museum street, perfect after a browse at British Museum!

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