Saturday in Notting Hill and a healthy seafood burger

Saturday my friend and myself had finally managed to meet up. We met for a Saturday lunch at the Notting Hill Brasserie.There was so much to catch up on we talked non stop! It is a lovely place, a quiet oasis in the middle of a busy Notting Hill. Both my friend and myself went for the Menu du Jour and we opted for the same things. I do wish I had brought the camera as the food was pretty as a picture and very nice.

We started with pan seared tuna on a bed of crispy vegetables. It was very lightly seared and the soft tuna and the crispy vegetables were a great combination.

As a main we had pan seared plaice on a bed of crushed new potatoes. I normally don’t eat too much carbs but as a side dish we shared a bowl of the richest truffle mash I have ever eaten! It was amazing and nothing was left on the plates but there was no room at all for any dessert.

The lunch was washed down with a bottle of Scancerre. Delicious!

After the lunch we headed for a walk on Portobello Road, only covering a small part of the market but it was busy and we were in no hurry. The only thing we bought in the end were marshmallows, home made and in many flavours so I got three. Later when eating them most of the flavouring made them too sweet but I really loved the marshmallow with poppy seeds, it added nice structure and no extra sweetness.

When the market started to close up we stopped by the delis and got anchovy, olives, cheese, toast melba, pate, lemons, a bottle of whisky, ginger ale and a bag of ice. Armed with booze and snacks we headed to my friends place, still talking, snacking and drinking whisky cocktails. I was home past midnight and had had such a lovely day.

Today I wanted to have something healthy and made salmon and prawn burgers. It worked really well and I made a pea and avocado guacamole to go with it. Staying on the green and healthy path I also steamed some asparagus and grilled gems lettuce. I had some yellow cherry tomatoes that I chopped up and I also pickled some cucumber.

I used cooked prawns and a portion of poached salmon and cooked the burgers in the oven with no added fat. The mushrooms were also cooked without fat and added flavour and “meatiness to the dish. It was a great way to end the weekend with something healthy in preparation for what I am sure will be a long week ahead.


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