Flavour simplicity, salmon & mash

When I bought the salmon yesterday for the salmon and prawn burgers I got an extra piece for dinner. I was going to pan fry it and have with some toast but after roaming around a bit in the fridge I found one quite large and lonely looking potato and all of the sudden I felt a craving for mash.

Actually I wanted to recreate that truffle mash I had on Saturday. On my way home from work I was deconstructing the mash and this would be my take of the ingredients, puree potato, butter (lots of butter), white pepper, salt and truffle oil.
I loved the truffle mash but would try and cook a healthier version so today I decided to have a go. I used all the same ingredients that I thought was used but replaced the butter with a mix of milk and cream and it came out really well. I didn’t puree the mash either but still got it quite smooth with a fork! It was not far off but milk and cream makes for a lighter mash and there was just the right amount of truffle.

Whilst the potatoes were almost done boiling I put a little butter in a pan. I buy the most gorgeous butter from the butchers, it is from Devon and I always imagine happy cows on green pastures producing milk for the butter!

I put salt, pepper and a dusting of paprika on the salmon and put in a hot pan. To make it cook evenly I cut the thin part of the salmon off and added this later as to not overcook it.

Once the potato was cooked I mashed it, added the milk and low fat cream, salt and pepper. Once this was done the salmon was ready. I took it out of the pan and de glazed it with the juice of a lemon. I placed the salmon and mash on a plate and poured over the lemonbutter from the pan.
I served it with the left over pickle cucumber that I made yesterday and it was a very simplistic dinner but well balanced, full of flavour and somehwat healthy.

2 Responses to “Flavour simplicity, salmon & mash”
  1. Simple ingredients cooked well is what fine dining is all about. Even at home. 🙂

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