South American and Caribbean Fusion dinner

When at St Pete beach I went to St Petersburg to have a look around. It was very hot day but a squirrel looked very perky, looking for food in that way only squirrels do.

A proud mother duck took her little downy ducklings out for a slow paddle

I went to the Aquarium on the pier. I have to say it was such a hot day I felt like I was about to melt for sure by the time I got there, just walking down the pier but it was worth it. They had quite a lot of aquariums and a lot to learn about the Gulf. The thing that captivated me the most was the seahorses, they looked just amazing, A little mythical perhaps but there was something so soothing about looking at them.

After a nice lunch we headed back to have a quick swim in the sea, a drink and head off to the Black Palm restaurant serving the interesting sounding fusion of South American and Caribbean cuisines.

To get started I had a Hendricks g&t, it sure was strong and came in a very large glass!

For starter I had Arepa Royal, Fresh corn griddle cakes topped with smokes salmon, queso fresco, sour cream, chives and caviar. A very nice starter, the corn griddle cakes were perhaps a little on the heavy side but the salmon was perfect, the caviar nice and salty and the chives gave a nice zing of mild onion flavour.

The other starter was Camaron de Playa, coconut crusted shrimp with a dijon mango sauce served with a Caribbean slaw. Coconut is great with shrimp and the slaw was light and a good contrast to the prawns.

For main course I had Gallos Gigantes, seared sea scallops served with creamed rice, grilled zucchini topped with tequila sofrito sauce. I have never had creamed rice and it was by far my favourite! I must try and find a recipe for it. This version was light despite the quite heavy nature of the dish and I guess I will have to try a few times before I get it right! The other main course was Chuleta de Cerdo, a 10 oz bone-in grilled pork chop topped with green mango and apple chutney with sofrito rice and Caribbean slaw.

To go with the main courses we drank a Pinot Noir, Ramspeck from Napa Valley, very nice, earthy but quite light and it went with the scallops as well as the pork.

After this there was only a tiny space for dessert so we copped out and shared a Natilla Grand Marnier, a creamy citrus custard topped with caramelized sugar, after that a stroll on the beach and bed seemed like the best option.

One Response to “South American and Caribbean Fusion dinner”
  1. k donkey says:

    looks great and very tasty. hope you have a great time – not jealous at all…. 🙂

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